How does it work?

Inuk is an app that calculates the carbon fooprint of your everyday actions (a taxi ride, eating a steak, getting a piece of furniture delivered, etc.). We then offer you to offset this carbon emission, which means avoiding that the amount of carbon you generated is emitted somewhere else.

Carbon offsetting

The goal of offsetting is carbon neutrality, i.e. the absence of greenhouse gas emissions. To become neutral, you can reduce your emissions and offset those that cannot be avoided. Some people offest by planting trees, which capture carbon. Others, like Inuk, do it with solar energy. For every gram of carbon you emit, we produce clean energy that avoids the emission of yet another gram of carbon through the production of non-renewable energy.

Our projects 

We work with solar energy producers in France. Each plant affiliated with Inuk complies with specific quality critera. We consider the equipment that is being used, the plant's design and how often it undergoes maintenance. We of course apply this criteria to our own plants, that are all equipped with senors that send us production data in real time. No  cheating, no tricking, your offset is 100% guaranteed.

You can request our technical files here.


Blockchain is a technology used to store and send information in a decentralised way, with no central control organ. It allows to certify and trace exchanges such as transactions, for instance, in a secure and unforgeable way. Why do we use it?
It's simple : in order to accurately offset your emissions, we need to know their equivalent in green electricity. To do that, we use a widely acknowledged UN methodology. The blockchain allows to check in real time and publicly that we have indeed applied the correct formula to each of your offsets. Basically, it's as if we were undergoing a permanent audit process. For you, it means transactions are 100% transparent and 100% safe.

Your questions 

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