Inuk is an app that allows you to offset the carbon emissions of your daily life in a secure and transparent way.

We calculate in real time the carbon emissions linked to your everyday actions: taking a taxi, getting food delivered, running errands, going away for the week-end, etc. Then, we offset them directly thanks to solar energy. It's easy, affordable and completely transparent.


Inuk empowers the consumers to act directly on their carbon footprint.
Inuk is the app that cancels your carbon emissions.

1. Download

Our app is 100% free!

4. Produce

We reinvest your money to build new solar power plants.

3. Share

Congratulations! The carbon footprint of your ride is now neutral. Share it with your friends!

2. Offset

Offset your daily emissions. Inuk automatically suggests a price: for instance, 7 cents for this taxi ride.

The concept

Inuk is an app. We asked ourselves: how can we have a more positive environmental impact in our everyday actions? How can we be a little greener even when we fly, get a package delivered or drive to the countryside for the week-end? Inuk is based on the idea that we would all like to do more, but we don't always know how. That's why we wanted to create an app that goes everywhere with you, to help you lead a greener life.


Inuk is carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting means that, for every gram of carbon generated by a given activity, we compensate somewhere else. A lot of people do that by planting trees: for every gram of carbon that's emmitted, a gram of carbon is captured by trees. Our way of offsetting is solar energy. Everytime you offset your daily activities, you are financing the production of green electricity. You actually become a solar energy producer!


Inuk is people. We chose this name because it means "human being" in inuktitut, one of the Inuit languages. For us, this name means that everybody can be part of the solution, even if they don't know how, even if they don't see themselves as top-notch environmentalists. Inuk is also us: a blockchain geek, two solar energy experts, a marketer, two developers, a graphic designer and a journalist.

Inuk is only the beginning. We want to launch a movement that will prove that anyone can act against climate change. We don't have to wait for the politicians and corporate companies to act to do our part (of course, it'd be better if they did start acting...). On this website, on our blog, on our social media, we want to bring to you other ways, on top of Inuk, to improve your environmental impact.

Why you should adopt Inuk


Inuk is almost ready. We are developing the beta version of our app. In the meantime, we'd love to know a little bit more about you! You can fill out our (teeny-tiny) form here.

And don't forget to give us your e-mail if you want to be among the very first ones to test Inuk!